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Mosquito Control in Bethesda Maryland

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Are you ready for mosquito season in Bethesda? Here are some mosquito control tips.

There is a false impression that due to our very severe winter and unusually cold temperatures that the mosquitoes won’t be that bad this year … WRONG! With all the moisture we have actually had, our water table is full, ponds and lakes are overflowing their banks, and there is a great deal of standing water. Please keep in mind as the temperatures heat up, mosquitoes just require a bottle cap filled with water and seven to 10 days to go from egg to biting maturity. This season you can help us assist you.

Dump out any standing water in your backyard. During your arranged consultation, our tech will attempt to knock over any noticeable standing water, however please help us assist you by eliminating any standing water you see between your regularly scheduled sprays.

Have you cleaned your rain gutters lately? Many times when there is an issue in the lawn, which isn’t obvious, it can in some cases be traced to clogged rain gutters. Gutters are perfect reproducing locations for mosquitoes.

Keep in mind that during your very first mosquito treatment we will generally exterminate eighty – ninety % of the mosquitoes in your yard. That means that if you have one thousand mosquitoes, you might still have up to 200. With subsequent spraying we’ll continue to lower the population in your yard. And keep in mind, if by chance you happen to have a mosquito surge in-between sprays, for those customers on seasonal contracts, just call us and we will take care of it it free of charge.

Here’s to a fantastic mosquito free spring and summer!

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