Mosquito Control Services in McLean Virginia

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Who hasn’t been bitten by a mosquito? These irritating blood suckers leave itchy welts all over your body. Mosquitos are more than just an annoyance; they are responsible for more human casualties than any other living creature – over a million deaths around the world every year.

In the United States alone, mosquitoes cause West Nile Virus, Heart Worm in pet dogs and Eastern Horse Encephalitis, not to mention several cases each year of Malaria and Dengue Fever.

Mosquitoes are particularly common here in McLean VA and the Washington DC metro location; according to the CDC, practically 10 % of all fatalities in the U.S. from West Nile Virus in 2010 happened in Virginia and MD!

Learn more about these potentially unsafe pests, in addition to some easy mosquito control & reduction concepts and recommendations to make your yard more hospitable. Time to mosquito evidence your backyard.

Mosquito control pointers for the McLean property owner

While our items are very effective in eliminating ticks and mosquitos there are certain things that that homeowners can do to help us assist you. Any total tick and mosquito avoidance program would not be complete without you, the homeowner, helping to minimize the population of ticks and mosquitos in your backyard.

There are a variety of steps you can require to make your Mclean lawn more habitable for your household, good friends and animals. John Mitchell, founder of Backyard Bug Patrol, outlines 8 leading mosquito-proofing tips.

  1. Pointer over any standing water in the lawn (in kid’s toys, flower pots, kiddie pools, trash cans, and so on), so that mosquitoes have nowhere to lay their eggs.
  2. Fill any open knots and holes in trees or ditches that hold water with sand or concrete. Keep in mind, mosquitoes simply need a cap full of water to lay eggs.
  3. Drain bird baths weekly. Or better yet, do not fill them with water.
  4. Repair or replace torn window displays.
  5. Put on light colored clothes and make certain you cover yourself as completely as possible.
  6. Add flowers. Flowers will assist bring in friendly bugs such as dragonflies, as well as birds– both of which consume mosquitoes.
  7. Include a birdhouse. Not only are birds lovely to see, they consume mosquitoes. More birds equal less mosquitoes.
  8. Work with a McLean mosquito control expert. Yes, your yard can be dealt with for mosquitos. See to it when you’re shopping for a pest control expert that they focus on mosquito reduction and avoidance.
Backyard Bug Patrol

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