Heat Pump Repair Charleston SC

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Charleston Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump not only heats your house throughout the winter, it likewise cools it during the summer. It does not burn fuel to produce heat nor does the electricity it consumes experience an aspect. The heat pump functions on the same concept as fridges and a/c: A liquid takes in heat as it develops into a gas and releases heat as it returns to a liquid state.

Throughout the summer, the heat pump operates as a standard central air conditioning conditioner: It eliminates heat from your house and vents it to the exterior. A liquid refrigerant is pumped through an evaporator coil of tubing. The liquid expands as it moves through the coil, altering to its gaseous state as it takes in heat from the air surrounding the coil.

A blower then presses air around the cooled coil through ducts and into the house. The gas, now bring considerable heat, moves through a compressor and starts the liquefying procedure. It then transfers to a condenser coil outside your home, where the compressed gas releases its heat and returns to a liquid state.

Throughout the winter season, the heat pump reverses this procedure, drawing out heat from the cold air outside and launching it inside your house. The heat pump is really effective when the outside temperature level is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but it becomes less reliable as the temperature level drops. When the outside air temperature is very low, an auxiliary electric heater must be utilized to supplement the heat pump’s output.

Like basic electric furnace, this auxiliary system is more pricey to operate. Hence, in locations where the winter temperature is below freezing, a heat pump is not practical. It has couple of benefits over standard furnace in areas where a/c is not necessary, however it is very effective in warm to hot environments.

Heat pump repair & maintenance is necessary. Small troubles that are not taken care of early can result in really expensive compressor troubles later. And considering that maintaining a heat pump is more technical than looking after the average furnace, you must call a professional Charleston heat pump repair service when the pump breakdowns. You can, nonetheless, keep the system without dirt by keeping the filter clean and by getting rid of other barriers to the flow of air.

Proper outdoor upkeep of a heat pump is also essential. Contact Enthusiasm Heating and Air for heat pump repair in Charleston SC.

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